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Back to Work!

Hello dreamers! As you know I’ve re-entered the wild and wooly world of Academia and with it my time has been severely compressed. In a ruthless act of sheer survival this last quarter, I had to put Before You Close Your Eyes on hold while struggling to get through all my classes. It was a distressing decision, but it paid off in some good ways. Most notably, mid-quarter I wrote a grant proposal to teach an experimental game design class this coming year and I also submitted a paper to the Digital Games Research Association Conference. I both received the grant (and funding from my department to run the class) AND my paper was accepted to the conference! Both of these things will be very helpful when I am sending CVs out into the world, attempting to find an academic job.

But enough excuses! I’m pleased to inform you of another exciting thing that happened this quarter — I realized (with some help) that Before You Close Your Eyes fits my thesis research agenda! Which means it can be included as part of my final thesis project! Which MEANS… that it is now, officially, a main part of my school work, and therefore will not be put by the wayside again!

So this week, I am happy to say, I am back to work. Other than a teaching job which I start on the 10th, and parenting, it is also my main work for the summer. I am very excited to be devoting my life back to this game, which is a true labor of love for me!
Where are we at right now? Here’s a rundown:
• There are 10 planned “scenes” in the game. (Note that they are different amounts of content in each one. )
• 7 of 10 scenes have the first pass written and five of those are all coded up with the personality trait system.
• I have a second writing pass planned yet for five scenes, and a coding pass planned for six scenes
• Only one scene has yet to be begun at all!

My plan at the moment is to release two versions of the game. The first version will be…I don’t want to call it a “light” version, but it will feature all the main content of the game, written by myself. It will likely not have much, if any, art in it. After that’s out, I am going to work on an extended edition that will include the side-quests from Kickstarter backers and, hopefully, more art and we’ll see what else. I think doing it this way will allow for the game to be released into the hands of people who want it earlier and provide a much needed sense of accomplishment for myself, while also allowing me to spend the necessary time with the Kickstarter side-quest writers with fewer distractions. Backers who signed up to get free copies of the game on Kickstarter will of course be offered both (and all possible!) versions of the game. If you have feedback on this course of actions, I am happy to hear it.

Thanks again for all your support everyone! It is huge to me.

Dream well,

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