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WIP Wednesday — Work log 8/20 – 8/22

Sleep deprivation is rough, but things are slowly getting done. I think of it as building momentum.
Work log:

Posted blog. Couldn’t find anything in the damn file so made a user-defined syntax highlighting thing. I should share it. Totally exhausted.

Well, I put in labels and comments so I could fold and unfold the sections to make it easier to read and navigate. I know, I know, but given how little sleep I get all the help I can get focusing is good. This also gave me a chance to go over the file and identify areas where I wanted to go back and fix some things, mostly making NPC accents less pronounced. I did actually get to the putting in the DSA feature part though. Slowly remembering how to do this. Also emailed a compatriot for advice on what to do with my inventory item problem. The problem: there are only a handful of inventory items in the game, and mostly they serve a specific purpose. But one of them is just awkward and weird and doesn’t really matter. I should just cut it, but the scene containing it is some great stuff. I know I should be fearless and merciless and just cut things when they are problems, but I’m still trying to save it. I’m sure I’ve introduced all kinds of indentation problems that I will have to fix.

Ok, gotten one section of DSA done. Now players can choose goals that the game thinks are outside of their personality parameters, and the personalities will update. Whew. It was only a tiny section, but feels good to have some actual game work getting done. Blog post.

Dream well,

Motivation Monday — Pep Talk

Dear Dreamers, I am not going to lie to you: last week sucked. It was devoured by multiple flavors of bureaucracy, which took up so much time that I then became very behind on my paid job and had to scramble to catch up. On top of that, the brutal exhaustion of not getting a [...]

Motivation Tuesday

Monday is a rough day to make blog posts, but I’m not ready to officially switch to Tuesdays yet because I like alliteration. This week I am revisiting one of the first scenes I wrote. I am adding in the DSA feature so it plays more consistently with the scene where the player is on [...]

Work in Progress Wednesday

I’ve been mostly working on getting my files in order. What a drag. Work Log: Thurs 8/2 re-Downloaded Notepad ++ Blog Post Downloaded scene files from website Next: Compare three Road Scene versions, find right one. Put locally and on site. Put others in test folder or something. Fri Aug 3rd Compared three versions of [...]

Motivation Monday — Vision Board

My mom originally taught me how to do vision boarding. I knew she didn’t make it up, but after a cursory search online, I discovered that this is a much more widespread concept than I had thought. It was even featured in The Secret and on Oprah. Here’s a book about it, and even an [...]

Work in Progress Thursday 8/2

So obviously I am a day behind this week. Its just been that kind of week. Note to self: OMG KEEP YOUR FILES ORGANIZED AS YOU GO!! Re-downloaded Notepad ++, in the middle of sorting out which version of “the_road” is the current one. Also note to self: If you are testing something, PLEASE label [...]

Motivation Tuesday 7/31

Several years ago, someone gave me very good and valuable advice which I unfortunately only remembered recently. I was taking a writing workshop, and at the end the women (it was all older women for some reason except for myself) were discussing how they found time to work on their own personal projects, despite their [...]

Work in Progress Wednesday (with embedded Monday Post)

On Monday, we had no internet. Nonetheless, I wrote a post which I will embed after the status update. But here’s Work in Progress Wednesday!

Work in Progress Wednesday — 7/18/2012

I decided to start out with the things that are bugging me the most, things that will make working on the game more enjoyable. By far the thing that’s been annoying me most is the fact that the community site became more or less trashed. So I have reinstated it, deleted all the spam and [...]

Motivation Monday 7 – 16 – 2012

My problem lately has not been a lack of motivation. I have motivation in spades. Both BYCYE and the paid project I’m working on are fun, challenging and exciting — exactly the type of work I want to be doing. No, the problem is the obstructions. I think I am the most frustrated in life [...]