A game by Heather Logas and her friends

WIP Wednesday — 10/3/2012

Other things in my life forced me to take a break for a couple weeks, but I have just completed a satisfying chunk of work on BYCYE. I am still looking at the At Gates scene, adding in ways for people to do things “out of character” which then impact their personality profiles. I am also re-writing some of the dialog as I go, as I went a little nuts with the weird accents the first time through and the NPCs just sound awkward to me now.

My organizing spree a month or so ago really paid off today. I wasn’t quite sure where I was, but I opened up the BYCYE folder, quickly found the file I was working on, opened it and easily found exactly where I left off last time — along with instructions to myself about what to do next. I think when you are working on an indie project where you can’t guarantee sitting down to work every day, being organized so you can go in and out of the work without wasting valuable time trying to figure out where you left off or what you were going to do next is vital.

Next step: More accent reduction and more “DSA” creation for the At Gates scene. I am over half way done editing this scene now. I told my volunteer producer/slave-driver that I would be complete with this scene by November 1st, and I think that’s very doable. I am working full time again (and then some) but the only big event between now and the 1st is Halloween, so my goal is actually be to get this scene done by Friday 10/26 and then take a break for Halloween week. I can do it!!

Dream well,