A game by Heather Logas and her friends

Where’s my motivation? Tuesday

Dearest Dreamers,

The last week was hard. It could possibly be described as “impossible”. Well, except that I made it to the other side, so I suppose it wasn’t completely impossible. Personal stress abounds and half-way through the week my immune system decided to take a vacation. Fortunately it wasn’t too long a trip, but for days I have felt completely drained and very, very low.

March on, march on…how do you keep moving when you just want to lay down in the mud and sleep for a thousand years? Set the timer and sit with the materials….even if you don’t touch anything, if you don’t write any code, if you don’t design wondrous new worlds and fun new encounters. Just sit.

Showing up, after all, is the hardest part.

Dream Well,