A game by Heather Logas and her friends

WIP Wednesday — Work log 8/20 – 8/22

Sleep deprivation is rough, but things are slowly getting done. I think of it as building momentum.
Work log:

Posted blog. Couldn’t find anything in the damn file so made a user-defined syntax highlighting thing. I should share it. Totally exhausted.

Well, I put in labels and comments so I could fold and unfold the sections to make it easier to read and navigate. I know, I know, but given how little sleep I get all the help I can get focusing is good. This also gave me a chance to go over the file and identify areas where I wanted to go back and fix some things, mostly making NPC accents less pronounced. I did actually get to the putting in the DSA feature part though. Slowly remembering how to do this. Also emailed a compatriot for advice on what to do with my inventory item problem. The problem: there are only a handful of inventory items in the game, and mostly they serve a specific purpose. But one of them is just awkward and weird and doesn’t really matter. I should just cut it, but the scene containing it is some great stuff. I know I should be fearless and merciless and just cut things when they are problems, but I’m still trying to save it. I’m sure I’ve introduced all kinds of indentation problems that I will have to fix.

Ok, gotten one section of DSA done. Now players can choose goals that the game thinks are outside of their personality parameters, and the personalities will update. Whew. It was only a tiny section, but feels good to have some actual game work getting done. Blog post.

Dream well,