A game by Heather Logas and her friends

Motivation Tuesday

Monday is a rough day to make blog posts, but I’m not ready to officially switch to Tuesdays yet because I like alliteration.

This week I am revisiting one of the first scenes I wrote. I am adding in the DSA feature so it plays more consistently with the scene where the player is on the road. I no longer remember what DSA stands for, but it allows players to make choices that the game system thinks are “out of character”. Players are given options and then, at certain places, another option to “do something else”. When the player chooses one of the “something else” options, the game comments on how that seems out of character, how the game has misjudged the player, etc. But the player can be stubborn and choose it anyway, at which point stats are adjusted behind the scenes.

Re-reading the text I wrote for this scene, I can feel all the exuberance of those early days of the project when I was funded to work for two months on nothing else. My joy at working solely for myself feels apparent to me in those words. It is fun and exciting to revisit that time. The scene feels a lot to me like something from the Sorcery! books, which are a huge influence on myself and on this project. (By the way, holy smokes these are now iphone apps!!

In any event, I feel like I am settling back down into the world and am excited to be visiting and shaping it again.

Dream well,