A game by Heather Logas and her friends

Work in Progress Wednesday

I’ve been mostly working on getting my files in order. What a drag.

Work Log:
Thurs 8/2
re-Downloaded Notepad ++
Blog Post
Downloaded scene files from website

Next: Compare three Road Scene versions, find right one. Put locally and on site. Put others in test folder or something.

Fri Aug 3rd
Compared three versions of at gates scene. added new reuse_hide command to replace placeholder dieoff. Reorganized folders so that I can tell which file is which.

Working practice: work on file in “in progress” folder, make sure it works, then overwrite in “scenes” folder, upload to server and update svn.

Created Vision Board! Helped me feel back on track, reconnected with the game and why I am doing it.

Monday 8/6
Blog post

Tuesday 8/7
Finished moving around scene files — now all organized! Even left myself notes as text files!

Next: I need to double check that the correct scenes are on SVN, but I think its time for an organizing break. This next week I am going to focus on revisiting one of the scenes that is completely written, but which I never went back and added the Dynamic Personality Trait system thingie in. It would also be nice to create an illustration (I am ever so visual) and re-read some Lone Wolf books.