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Dev Diary 3 — Tutorials

I spent most of the day in Santa Cruz today, on UCSC campus. It is a beautiful place. Redwood trees are magical.

This evening Mr. Dan Fabulich came over and talked my husband and I through ChoiceScript. He also helped me think about story structure a bit, especially with regards to how the game is going to start. My tendency is to lull people in to a story, much like a fairy tale.

“Once upon a time there was a princess who lived in tall tower. The tower was covered with ivy and bushes with fragrant purple flowers clustered around its base.”

There’s something to be said though for catching a reader’s attention right from the first sentence, or in our case, the first choice. Especially since the game will exist in a medium that players can easily dismiss. If you come to my game on my web-site, skim the first page and its all about a tower with purple flowers around it, you will may very well just quickly browse elsewhere.

So I am devising a new opening scene to the game, which I hope will combat this problem and grab the player right from the beginning.

Dan would make a great game studio producer. Before he left my house he railed at me to make everything shorter and then demanded to know what my next deadline was.

For the curious, the next deadline is to have a scene done by Friday, and use that experience to inform a production plan.

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  1. Josh Powell

    Go Dan! Yay, free producer! I mean very helpful for the game…

    Feb 11, 2010 @ 4:41 pm