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Motivation Monday — Vision Board

My mom originally taught me how to do vision boarding. I knew she didn’t make it up, but after a cursory search online, I discovered that this is a much more widespread concept than I had thought. It was even featured in The Secret and on Oprah. Here’s a book about it, and even an “idiot’s” guide!

Vision Boarding is a technique for visualizing something you want in life. I’ve used them around New Year’s to help me contemplate what I am hoping to get out of the upcoming year, and they are also useful for times of great flux, or when starting a new endeavor. Recently I completed one that helped bring into focus my personal set of values for the sake of clarifying that my goals and values are in alignment. I also find vision boarding especially useful in the early stages of a project, or at moments when projects seem out of focus, to bring clarity to what the project is about, why I’m doing it, and how to best pursue it. Projects have a personality all their own, and vision boarding is a way to understand that personality so that one can honor it while working.

If you want to create your own, you will need:

  1. A blank board of some kind — a panel of a cardboard box, a nice white sheet of card stock, a poster board: just something heavier than paper. Make it bigger than 1′ x 1′. Make it as big as you can without getting intimidated. Well, slightly intimidated is ok.
  2. A stack of old magazines. I’ve discovered while doing this exercise with other people that no one reads magazines anymore, and fewer people keep a stack of unread magazines lying around like I do. Grab what you have, and ask for donations. Other things are good too — old greeting cards, stickers, anything that you can cut images out of.
  3. Glue stick (or rubber cement; which is what I generally use
  4. Good — sharp — scissors
  5. You can also add in other fun things if you want:

  6. Glitter glue
  7. Stickers
  8. Sharpie markers
  9. Water colors
  10. Gel pens

Or anything else that you might want to use.

To create a vision board, it helps first of all to take a deep breath and ask yourself a question. It could be anything: What would I like to accomplish this year? What is this project supposed to be about? Why am I doing this _fill in the blank_. Now, start with a big white sheet of poster board (or cardstock, or anything less flimsy than paper) and a stack of magazines. It may help to write your question right in the middle of the board. Its ok if you cover it up as you go. Go through the magazines and pull out anything that resonates with you. The less thinking, the better. This is like one of those surrealist activities designed to tap your subconscious. Once you have a nice stack of pages with compelling images, you can start cutting things out and pasting them to the board. Remember: This is about process more than it is about results. Just glue stuff down. As you go, you are likely to gain insights into your project. Maybe some you hadn’t thought of before, or maybe some you had but this helps solidify them. Maybe the insights you gain are about what needs to go into the project, or maybe they are about what the process needs, or maybe they suggest next steps. Think of the vision board process as a meditation.

When your board is complete (and only you can decide what “complete” means), take a step back and look at it. Notice what images you chose, and think about why: what do they mean to you? Put it on the wall in your workspace to help keep you motivated and on task.

This last week a few of my friends who are also working on creative projects got together with me and we made vision boards for our respective endeavors. It was refreshing and helped me get psyched up for Before You Close Your Eyes. It helped remind me that this game is a creative project, not a product to churn out. Sometimes I lose sight of that. It also helped remind me what is special to me about this game and why I wanted to make it in the first place, and also that I have a lot of love for it. Its that love that’s going to push me to get it done, more than anything else.

Dream Well,

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  1. Susan

    Very nicely written tutorial. Think it is time I do a new vision board.


    Aug 07, 2012 @ 8:18 pm