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Motivation Monday 7 – 16 – 2012

My problem lately has not been a lack of motivation. I have motivation in spades. Both BYCYE and the paid project I’m working on are fun, challenging and exciting — exactly the type of work I want to be doing.

No, the problem is the obstructions. I think I am the most frustrated in life when I have things I want to do and can’t. Lately, this has been pretty frequent. Sickness is one problem that has been plaguing (hah hah) me. I have been sick for about two months, with pneumonia and a sinus infection at one point. Last week I had a day when I felt like I was finally turning the corner, and on that day my husband informed me that he had a sore throat. Sure enough, 24 hours later and I had a sore throat too and now feel sick all over again.

Then there’s the administrivia of life. How much time is sucked up trying to resolve medical bills, for example? Or collecting signatures for grants? Or hammering out job details? Someday I will have an administrative assistant and never have to look at a form again. Until that day, entire afternoons will be spent like they were today — filling out paperwork for services my family needs.

The other big obstructions I face are actually quite little. One is only 4 years old, and the other only 5 months. Managing these two while trying to work, especially with my daughter home from school for the summer has been a real challenge. As a matter of fact, the baby is on my lap as I write this. He is pretty sick too, and we’re taking him to the doctor this evening. My daughter is just in need of my attention. She wants to be with me constantly. Endearing, but also aggravating. My husband helps distract her but with no door on my office sooner or later she winds up trying to crawl up into my lap. I have purchased for her her own little “desk” to put in my office, with the accompanying offer that she can sit there quietly and work on a project but so far this has worked approximately two times out of the many I’ve suggested it. She is not a girl to sit on the sidelines. She wants to be part of the action. The baby, too, is a total momma’s boy. As part of my recent office re-do I also established a comfy and fun place for him to hang out. But I made one big error — the baby station is behind me. So there’s no eye contact from mommy while I work. I’m hoping it gets better when he is no longer so sick but for the moment this means he is happy in his spot for around three minutes before he begins fussing and crying.

Honestly, its a wonder I get anything done at all. But this is supposed to be “motivation” Monday not “throw in the towel” Monday. Suffice to say, with everyone being so sick, it may be a low productivity week. One thing I am not good at is resting when sick, which is ridiculous since it just drags the sickness out. But it does mean things keep moving forward, even at a low level.

This week is prep week. During all my mad sprints with BYCYE, file structures have gotten convoluted, the community site needs to be updated so it doesn’t look like the project’s abandoned, and I can’t remember how to use some of the online tools I had been using. I am going through everything, creating a (flexible) production plan, and setting things up so future work isn’t obstructed by inefficient and confusing file structures. Because more obstructions I don’t need!

Dream Well,