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Dev Diary 2 — ChoiceScript is a yay!

Today I read through all the ChoiceScript documentation, downloaded a text editor to write the game in (I settled on Notepad ++) and downloaded all the ChoiceScript files.

I’m really excited about ChoiceScript. I had started using it once before but my brain must have just been in a weird fog mode last time and I hadn’t gotten very far. This time it all makes sense to me, and seems really fun and easy to use. I think it will help too that I downloaded a text editor with some neat features that will help me read everything I’m writing much more easily.

So all of that was done by lunch time. Then I took my daughter Celia for a walk and we went to Barnes and Noble so I could get a new sketchbook and she could play with the train table. It was a beautiful day, and a really pleasant way to spend a lunch hour.

Post lunch was much less productive. I was annoyed at how the forums wouldn’t show the topics of any recent posts, so I blocked out an hour to work on the forums. This crawled on to two hours as I was just having a horrible time figuring out how to add plug-ins to the forums and why they were breaking. The instructions one finds on the phpBB.com web page for altering one’s forums assumes one is far more tech savvy than this one (me) seems to be. I guess they think that if you can get as far as installing the software, you should be able to figure out everything else. I didn’t have to install the software though, since Dreamhost had a one-click install for phpBB. They should re-think their assumptions.

Then I had a phone call that completely knocked the wind out of my sails. It was an offer for a steady three months of contract work. But it started at the beginning of March.

I told them no. Then I cried (not really, but I did tear up a little). Then I took a nap.

Let’s be honest. This is scary. There is a lot riding on this project. There is no way to know for sure that at the beginning of April I will be wishing I had taken that contract job.

I’m on the road now. Nothing for it but to keep marching forward.

My update will be late tomorrow. I am going down to Santa Cruz to see some awesome people, both experts in field of Interactive Narrative. That’s actually just a coincidence, as I’m going down to talk to them about other things entirely. Then in the evening Dan the Fabulich is coming to my house to talk to me about ChoiceScript. I will write an update after my in-person tutorial is complete.

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  1. Mikhail Popov

    Wow, that shows an amazing amount of loyalty to your project and your backers. Not many people have the guts and the faith in their ideas to walk away from a job offer and it’s inspiring (to me as an artist) to see that level of dedication.

    Rock on, dude.

    Feb 10, 2010 @ 7:57 am

  2. Sally Hodgson

    Hello Heather – I’m one of your UK supporters/donors.

    Just wanted to say that I find your attitude and commitment to this project really inspirational. Looking forward to watching how it all develops!


    Feb 10, 2010 @ 9:56 am

  3. Dominic Bishop

    hey there Heather, I am Dom, an 18yr old lad from England. I first played CotD on my Ipod last week, and loved the game. Since early teens I have aspired to be involved in making games, and am an avid console gamer. I just love the creative process and have longed for the freedom to make my own games, but every language I have come across so far has been too complicated. However ChoiceScript is a breeze to use and I’m loving every minute of it.

    I have begun writing my own game and wondered when we could upload games to the site. I’d love for choiceofgames.com to become the epicentre of interactive fiction on the web, just as, say, newgrounds is for flash.

    Anyway thanks for your dedication, keep making awesome free games and good luck.

    Feel free to e-mail me or talk on google groups where I am known as Nytmayre.


    Mar 20, 2010 @ 10:26 pm

  4. Heather

    Hey Dom! Awesome that you are loving ChoiceScript. I love when people follow their dreams of making games!

    I don’t have the answers about when you can upload games to choiceofgames.com. I am just a happy customer like yourself. Try asking the question of support@choiceofgames.com. Dan Fabulich, who also posts here at this blog and on our forums, is the man to see about such things. You might also want to join the choicescript mailing list if you haven’t already. Let me know how your project goes!

    Mar 22, 2010 @ 7:11 am