A game by Heather Logas and her friends

Dev Diary 1 — Getting started

Well, I did get the ball rolling today.

I had three big goals for today: Finish setting up the forums and this blog, Creating a production schedule, and start reading the Choice Script Documentation. I also had a backlog of email to deal with, and I needed to get groceries. :)

I did get the forums and blog up (yay!) and fixed the permissions errors on the forums (yay!). I do like the WordPress theme I am using for the blog, but eventually things will have to be adjusted so that this site seems more like a professional site for the project. The forums don’t look awesome, and there are some plug-ins I want to install. But its a good, very usable start.

I spent longer than I had intended at the Library and Trader Joe’s (grocery store).

I wrote up a schedule for pre-production. Basically this means I made a plan to make a plan. But there are some glaring unknowns I need to address. I don’t have a firm grasp on how long it will take me to write and script a scene using ChoiceScript. This week will be dedicated to figuring out ChoiceScript and assessing how quickly I can create content.

I got a bunch of email cleared up, though there is a ton to go.

I didn’t get to the ChoiceScript stuff today. It is on the top of my list for tomorrow.

So tomorrow my goals are to:

  • Read the ChoiceScript documentation
  • Work through the tutorial

Good night everyone!