A game by Heather Logas and her friends

A move, a cruise, a video and more to come!

Hi there Before You Close Your Eyes-ers. I hope all is well in your worlds. Mine is tumultuous as always, but I am excited about the near future! Here’s what’s up:

We have FINALLY moved all our stuff from our old apartment to our new apartment. This took a RIDICULOUS amount of work, and many trips back and forth from apartment (the new) to apartment (the old). Each drive took two hours, so it was a lot of driving! The new apartment is a big jumble of boxes and random things strewn about, but at least its all here.

We moved in just in time to get ready for a cruise that we are leaving for next Wednesday! My mother-in-law decided to sponsor a bunch of us to take a two week trip to Alaska. How rad is that? Of course, this means a two-week period of limited work on BYCYE and my school-related project. My plan for BYCYE is just to bring a mini-journal along and record whatever lore, stories, and things come into my head. These pages can later be transferred to the “official” journal. I can also try planning out the unfinished scenes. I will keep on it!

Huh, now that I think about it though….I only have one scene that is actually needs planning now. Everything else (with the exception of the side-quests) is all sorted for the game. Wow, cool!

I am continuing to plug away on the “big reveal” scene. It is going slowly because I keep re-thinking the scene. But I actually did stop all attempts to program and did a good deal of planning things out and thinking things through, so it should start to go more smoothly (I think!)

Have you seen this video?

Our good friend Robert put this together for us. Its pretty spiffy! It is basically my thesis from Georgia Tech explained in less than three minutes. Check it out!

I am very excited about August. Once this cruise is over, there should theoretically be more time to do awesome things like post more of these groovy videos (tho’ I’ll try to get one more up before I leave on a boat for two weeks), solicit more art (more tasks are up here!), and of course much more programming of the actual game! I am even slowly being talked into releasing another mini-demo showing more of the game.

But for now, I will have to say goodnight. Tomorrow morning I have to see a lady about an incorrect social security number and I’ll need my rest!

Dream well!