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Dev Diary #33 — Momentum

If you have something you want to get done, it helps if you work on it every day. Momentum is a huge force for human beings. I know for a fact it is a huge force for me.

Since what I am now terming the “Kickstarter Cushion” has ended, I have been working on BYCYE every day. (Ok there were three days when I got really sick and didn’t do anything, but other than that, everyday). Some days I only work on BYCYE for five minutes. But I do it every day. Our good friend Dan F. not only suggested this, but pings me once a day to make sure I have done my daily work and keeps a running tally of how many days in a row I have worked. Currently we are at 78 days in a row (we skipped the sick days because I really was super sick).

I crawl along on this game, but things do get done, even at a glacially slow pace. But more importantly I think, my brain is in the habit of THINKING about BYCYE. Which means when I do get a slightly larger window to do some work, I’m ready. I know where I am in the project and don’t have to spend 15 minutes – an hour just looking over notes and remembering where I am.

For awhile when I was working at Telltale, I would be working on half a dozen projects at a time. Occasionally one or two of these projects would have to be on hold for a couple days while I focused on priority concerns. When I returned to the project it would take so long just getting myself re-caught up to where I was.

I’ve noticed too that since I’ve started writing the blog “once a week” instead of every day, it slips. Its not a habit anymore. So I am going to try an experiment where I keep a little daily log and then post the week’s worth of logs at the end of the week.

Momentum and habits. Possibly the keys to productivity. But how many things can you do every day? I wonder….

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  1. maltekosian

    You are completely right. Writing a blog is a daily thing or a least a daily thinking. So is work on one project. It really helps to stay focused.
    Sometimes it turns out, that you have to do a dozen things, but those days do not make fun.

    Jun 23, 2010 @ 6:40 am