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Dev Diary #31 — Taverns, Sites, Art

Hi all!

I feel really bad that I missed last week’s blog. Last week was a contracting nightmare, and I’m really glad its over. I worked so many hours, and at weird times, that it was almost like a studio job! Except that when it was lunch time I got to hang out with my family. So that was cool at least.

The game continues to come along. Today I finished up the text for the monstrous scene that occurs in the bar. Whew. I need to go in now and patch and tidy up and sew together all the logic, so that everything works right, but getting this monumental scene done is a relief.

I like the scene too. The player character can hear stories, learn a great deal more about the city and get pulled deeper into the mystery of the missing children. The characters feel good, although I may give them another look over. Things that happen make sense. :)

Cut from this scene were the gambling mini-game and a few of the other characters that were hanging out in the bar. Although a really kind friend offered to program up the mini-game for me, I decided that it just felt out of place in this game. I would have to make up things to barter for, I’m trying to keep the player character from having any real inventory items, etc. It just seemed like it would feel awkward and existing just for the hell of existing, rather than having a real place in the story. If there were an economy in the game and you could win or lose coins then it might feel a bit better.

I liked the other characters that were planned for this scene, but they just had to be cut because the scene was already getting out of hand length-wise. One of the surviving characters had her interactions cut back significantly for the same reason. Maybe in the future I’ll be able to revisit these interesting people, but for now they are going to fade into the background.

We have the new community site up! Yay! You can even login with your Facebook account, so you don’t need a new login. Robert doggedly transferred everything over from the Ning site, even the forum posts. Check it out and sign up:


Right now Robert and I are also working on putting our plan for soliciting art into play. I’m hoping to start contacting artists who’ve previously offered to do art for us this coming week, and then after that I will start reaching out to artists on Etsy that I really like. If you have suggestions for artists who you think would be interested in contributing illustrations in exchange for exposure to a new audience, please let me know!

Take Care and Dream Well,

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  1. dave

    What if the gambling game operated within the same economy as the behavioral traits you’re tracking for the player, so you could wager bits of your soul, and notice strange behavioral impulses as you won or lost and consequently swung one way or another? Oh wait, here I am making more work for you. Sorry. What I meant to say was, cutting non-essentials is good! It will focus your game better. Like a poem.

    Jun 03, 2010 @ 7:14 am