A game by Heather Logas and her friends

Dev Diary #30 — Muddy Waters

So another week gone. I actually got a goodly amount done on the game this week. I feel like I’m paddling upstream through a river of mud but I am nonetheless making headway.

Still in the bar, but I’ve completed the talk with the bartender, a chance to swap stories, and a small bit of espionage. I continue to want to add things, and I continue to make cuts even as I’m going along.

I have no idea what this game is going to be like when its done. What I hope it will be is something — special. The image in my head is of someone sitting curled up on their comfy couch, maybe with a cup of tea and a pet lying nearby, and playing BYCYE on their mobile device as if they were reading their new favorite book for the first time. Only time will tell.

Oh yes, it seems that we will be moving our community site from Ning. >sigh< In order to use the features we want on Ning, it will cost me $20/mo and that’s not something I can do right now. But we have a new community site in development and it is almost where the Ning site is. If you were already on Ning, it will have invited you over. If not, no worries. I’m going to just set up a couple more things and then I’ll encourage everyone to come on over.

Sweet dreams!