A game by Heather Logas and her friends

Dev Diary #28 — The BYCYE Corral

Its been a super busy week. Lots to do, lots to think about. In 10 minutes it’ll be time for me to corral my family to get ready and go to my sister’s (and brother in law’s) wedding reception.

It feels like corralling is what I spend my whole life doing. Corralling people and thoughts. I find corralling to be hard work and when its people I’m trying to corral, often very taxing. I need a magic lasso like Wonder Woman. Only instead of making people tell the truth, it would be completely sufficient I could just fling it out into space and it would mystically collect everything I needed at that moment. Oh, actually it would also be cool if it just made people think that what I wanted them to do was a fantastic idea, and more important than whatever it was they happened to be working on.

Anyway, despite the segway there, this week was a very productive one for the project. I re-wrote most of the accents in the game dialog so that I don’t hate them. I am getting very close to completing a really huge scene. I re-visited the thank you cards and got that moving again (I feel so bad that I haven’t sent these yet!) But best of all, I completed a sort of back-story, source book, bible thing about the city of Thlanviviak and the people who live there. This is going to be so helpful not only to myself as I continue to construct the game, but also to my good marketing friend Robert AND to the people who have wanted to work on side-quests and ART.

Yes, I think that as soon as this doc is ready for the public (it is currently being reviewed by a couple cool people for goodness) we can invite in the art. I will be talking more about what that process will be like when the time is ripe, but I am SUPER excited to have some awesome visuals to go with the game!

Well its time to get out my lasso and start corralling my family. I’ll see y’all later!