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Dev Diary #27 — Accents, Writing, Ning

Its been a busy week!

One of my projects this week was to figure out what I wanted the characters in BYCYE to “sound” like. One of the best things about working on the Bone games (based on the comics by Jeff Smith) was that they were really fun to write, due to the interesting dialects of all the different characters. Writing the dialog for BYCYE wasn’t really coming together, and as was noted in the forums the girl in the mini-demo had a very inconsistent way of speaking.

So I spent a few hours watching YouTube videos of people doing different accents, especially English accents. Why English? I really can’t say. I’ve actually been thinking about this a great deal, and the only reason that makes any sense is that English accents, of one sort of another, are prevalent in the movies and comics that have come together to inspire this story. I think it was almost an unconscious decision, in a way.

Plus, English accents are fun to try to imitate. And I often write dialog by saying all the lines out loud to see if they sound good. Now that I have my own office, I can even say them out loud at a conversational volume. When I was working for Telltale, I had to whisper to myself a lot.

I am actually not a hundred percent sure I’m happy with the “commoner” accent in the game. I’m not sure I like the silent “h”‘s. It feels a bit forced. Dropping the “g” in an “ing” word feels good to me, but those silent “h”‘s…..I may have to wind up re-doing it.

Speaking of “ing” words, I should bring up Ning. Our community site is sitting on top of Ning, and just a couple days ago Ning announced it would stop supporting its free customers sometime in the near future. In case you have noticed both of these facts, don’t worry! We’re going to go ahead and keep Ning for now, paying the $5/mo. rate to keep the site going. I was considering doing this anyway, since that’s the price you need to pay in order to use your own URL.

So head on over to http://www.bycye.com and check out the community! The URL will be staying the same no matter what, so feel free to bookmark it, tweet it, and tattoo it on your forehead. You’re good!

- Heather

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