A game by Heather Logas and her friends

Dev Diary #19 — Nineteen

I got a respectable amount of work done today. Its amazing how sometimes just changing the bit you’re working on can generate a lot of fuel. I finished up with a very dry bit — the player gets grilled by a city councilman about their intentions in the city. It was rough going. Then I switched over to the player investigating the meal that has been given to them and conversations with some of the other tavern goers. That flowed much more easily.

I am still sick, and concerned that my post-GDC crud is progressing into a sinus infection or something like that. But I will just have to drink lots of fluids and wait and see. Unfortunately, my daughter has caught it now too. As a result of being sick, she is very clingy. Usually she’s asleep by now but at the moment she is sitting on my lap drawing on all my post its.

On the topic of how some bits of the game flow more easily than others, I seem to have the easiest time writing any bits where the player is getting into significant trouble, and especially when they get killed. I wonder what that says about me?