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Dev Diary #17 — The Market Square

GDC was fantastic. I got to talk to many awesome people, generated more interest in BYCYE, had a fun backer lunch, and gave out some shiny postcards featuring BYCYE art. I wasn’t offered any generous publishing deals or handed huge stacks of money, but I wasn’t really expecting that to happen. And it might be for the best anyway.

So today I started working on the scene for the Market Square.

The Market Square was once the hub of the city. Merchants came from far away to trade all manner of goods in Thlanvivak. Once upon a time it was filled with all sorts of booths and stalls like a never-ending bazaar. Now however, on average one or two stalls can be seen on any given day. The storefronts that border the square are mostly empty as well. Well at least they aren’t stores anymore. Most of them have been converted into residences.

The square can easily become a danger zone for workload, as it is easy to get away and think about all the interesting shops that it could contain. Thlanviviak is a closed city. Only very few people ever leave the city, and then they get back inside as quickly as they can.

So its interesting for me to think about what kind off stores might be there. I figure that in order to be self-sustaining, the people probably have to grow vegetables in their own gardens. Would they have bread? Could they grow enough grain and process it? They would be able to raise chickens I think but probably not have enough grazing land for larger animals. Maybe some brave souls venture outside and bring back game though.

What about goods? I am thinking of a clothing store that makes, essentially, recycled clothing. People patch their clothes until it no longer makes sense to do so, then they can trade them in to the tailor who makes new things with them.

What other kinds of shops would exist in this kind of town?

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  1. Dan Fabulich

    Water purifiers. Palimpsests. An excessively opulent toy shop, with actors dressed as fairy tale characters. Hydroponic fruit-bearing tentacular spider plants.

    Mar 16, 2010 @ 5:31 pm

  2. dave

    I imagine people might be craving things to relieve the monotony of never leaving the city. You’ve got a bar, of course. The carnal services industry would probably do well, people would be having affairs with some regularity, and gossip would be huge. There is no news, but there are three newspapers.

    Mar 23, 2010 @ 6:09 am

  3. Heather

    Yes, I LOVE the three newspapers thing. I wonder if I can get that in there, or the feeling of that somehow. I also think you have a very good point about trying to stave off boredom. I realize I have (mostly) been wondering how they will survive and get the supplies they need in there.

    Mar 24, 2010 @ 3:36 am