A game by Heather Logas and her friends

Sunrise Service Day 4

This morning my son woke up right as my alarm went off.  Nonetheless I fed him and then got to work.  I am working downstairs at my daughter’s desk while he plays on the living room floor with occasional outbursts when some plaything isn’t doing what he wants it to.

I took a look at the next scene in the roster.  It is a scene in which the player finds their way to the Inn, and the things that happen there.  It is a scene that is completely written, but is in hard need of an editing and programming pass.  This morning my goal was just to review it, take the lay of the land as it were.  It is a bit disheartening.  Although there is some great writing in there, the file is a bit of a mess.  It uses outdated and unsophisticated programming techniques that I would never use now.  There are parts that offer promise to playable parts of the story that don’t exist.  I even found a choice block where none of the choices do anything!

I suppose my next decision then is this: Do I press forward with editing this scene?  Or maybe now is the time to take a break from scene wrangling and instead turn my brain back to the creative work of writing.  I still have a couple (short) scenes which need to be written.  

I’ve been listening to this fun lecture series on fantasy literature, much of it is concerned with Tolkien.  It took Tolkien 17 years to write Lord of the Rings.  I find that comforting.