A game by Heather Logas and her friends

WIP Wednesday

Actually completed two blocks of work on BYCYE so far this week. As you’ve seen, I’ve done away with Motivation Monday posts. There are two reasons for this: First is that, Monday Morning, I am usually aching to get to work so it seems counter-productive to talk about motivation when I’m already motivated. Secondly, instead of writing a blog post I could be getting work done! Which is what I did this last Monday.

Its still slow going. At times, painfully slow. Organizing all the work in my life is, in itself, a job. It doesn’t take as much time as my other jobs but it does take its own emotional space. Recently, I have been using a web-program called toggl to track how I spend my time. Toggl is great because it actually is quite easy and straight forward to use. As a result, I am actually using it. My goal for each day is 30 minutes email, 30 minutes BYCYE, 2 – 3 hours on teaching prep (or teaching) and 2-3 hours on my research project game (my job, basically). That’s a work day of about 6 – 7 hours. Which is a lot. A work day in an office is 8-9 hours, but — at least when I was working in an office — that wasn’t a seriously focused 8-9 hours. My workday is all work — I don’t count time to commute or have lunch or run a quick errand or clean off my desk at the end of the day (which almost never happens). I don’t have many co-workers to idly chat with. So its all working.

I reserve the early part of the evening for my family, and the post-kid-bedtime time for my husband. And then its time to get to bed, if I don’t want to be a mess the next day.

My BYCYE time is my “me” time and it doesn’t always manifest. So even my “me” time is work. Work that’s important to me, but still work. And the revising and programming bits really feel like work. It gets to be a grind, which is not what I want my creative pursuits to be.

After this scene is revised and posted, I need to do something less grindy and more creative for a bit. Maybe I’ll work on one of the few scenes that is less written out. Or maybe I should make some more art. I need to keep moving forward, but I also need occasional rewards. This is a game, after all.

Dream Well,