A game by Heather Logas and her friends


Callen’s Tale — A Pre-BYCYE story

Hi all. Things are insane in my life, but I guess that must be how I like it. I am about 75% moved in at our new house at UC Santa Cruz. All of us love it here. Its especially great for my daughter, who gets to run around with tons of kids and also gets to explore the semi-wilderness around us. I can’t believe she’s turning 3 next month.

I am making progress on the current scene for BYCYE and hope to have it done early September. I am also, however, starting yet another contract job (one I really can’t turn down) and also doing a project for school (which I am also getting paid for!) So the workload is pretty grim, but at least for once its all stuff I have a lot of control over and which I have designed from the ground up. That makes such a huge difference. The hardest part is just managing the shifts of focus that occur when switching between a bunch of projects. It can be very difficult to make myself STOP working on something I feel I am on a roll for because it is time to switch over to a different project.

But anyway, the title of this post promises a story. So here goes. This was written to organize my thoughts around an interactive teaser that Robert is going to help me with. It is the story of Callen, the young girl the player finds on the road at the beginning of the game.