A game by Heather Logas and her friends

game update

New scene available to play!

Dear Dreamers,

Its taken forever, I know, but there is a new scene available to play through onwww.beforeyoucloseyoureyes.com.  Meet the lynchpins of society!  Try the local cuisine!  Get in heaps of trouble!  Learn mysterious secrets!  Die!  Please give it a whirl and let me know what you think! (Please note: there might still be some small bugs…if you find one and let me know I’d appreciate it!)

I’ve enjoyed working with this scene.  In addition to some fun content and characters, I have really started gaining a deeper understanding of choicescript over the last 6 months.  Not only techniques to use, but just general good practices.  Debugging this scene was a real chore because of the convoluted way I had written it up.  I think this knowledge will serve me well as I move on.  

In more personal (but related) news, I’ve been spending the year so far really taking charge of my health.  Right around the 1st, the whole family was downed by a really nasty flu — likely H1N1, given the symptoms.  Fortunately we all recovered, but I was so out of it and couldn’t do anything at all.  It was depressing.  So on my recovery I decided to double down on my personal quest to increase my average daily energy level.  My CPAP therapy is going great, my new sleep doctor increased the pressure and I am really feeling the difference.  I also got a fitbit and it has been making a big difference in what I eat, how much exercise I’m getting and how much water I’m drinking.  I’m feeling results.  This morning at 6:10 the alarm went off and my eyes popped open and I felt ready for the day.  I cannot tell you how different that is from where I was before I started CPAP therapy.  

Since waking up early in the morning to work on the game before the kids get up has been the only way I’ve been able to consistently get stuff done, this is making a big difference.  Whereas my average time to work on the game in the morning last year was about 10 – 15 minutes, now I can squeeze in 30 minutes most mornings.  This doesn’t sound like much (and believe me, it isn’t!) but its better, and its steady.  My goal is to push back to a 6am wake up time and try to work about 50 minutes on average.  

So as of this update I have 4 scenes left to complete.  The good news is, they are all in various stages of done and the least complete one is pretty short.  As you all know, I also desperately want to change the look of the game but I am pretty geared up to write the next scene so that may wait a little bit still.  

So that’s where we’re at.  Thank you again for your patience and your belief in this project.  

Dream well,