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Work in Progress Wednesday

Dear Dreamers,

I want to get back to my thoughts on that GDC joke talk on creativity.  But first, some news and updates:

If you haven’t yet explored Aaron Reed’s 18 Cadence, I highly highly recommend it.  You can play it online for free or purchase an app for iOS.  It is a thought provoking, intriguing and moving experience.  It is also something you can dabble with just a little or really get into and have a meaningful experience either way.  

It is also visually beautiful, and I think a great example of how visual aesthetics can greatly enhance an interactive narrative experience.  The visual elements are thoughtfully chosen.  They draw you in, creating immediate interest. The tactileness of the the elements encourages exploration.  I’m excited for Aaron that he put something so amazing into the world, but playing 18 Cadence also makes me very, very sad and not a little jealous.  Not only because his project is done and mine is not, but because I have in mind what I want BYCYE to look like,  I have a vision for what the player encounters and experiences and how the graphics can make the experience richer and more engaging — and I do not feel empowered to make that happen.   There are certain technical reasons why this is so, and I have not yet been able to overcome them.  In the meantime, however, playing with 18 Cadence has at least inspired me to take another mocked – up pass of the visual skin of BYCYE and start exploring what I CAN change easily with CSS.  So I guess that’s something.

Work in Progress:

It took me a while to overcome a mysterious mental block to bug testing the current scene I have been working on.  I still am not sure what that block was about, but I moved on from it and then ran into a technical block which is not allowing me to use ChoiceScript’s auto bug testing things on my scene.  This probably has something to do with something I messed up while upgrading to a new version of Choicescript.  In any event, I am supposed to be getting help with this tonight and my goal is to release this scene to the web before next Monday.  That’s the plan!


Dream Well,